Born in the cloud, built on experience

Comprehensive coverage across on-prem, cloud, and SaaS workloads

Effortless scale, from 1 terabyte to 10,000+

  • At-rest or in-flight data encryption

Ransomware protection, with built-in anomaly detection

Hassle-free and automated daily backups

  • Rapid deployment, to get you up-and-running in minutes

Flexible recovery with granular search, point-in-time, and out-of-place restore options

Data isolation, for highly available, airgapped immutable backups

Hardened security, with Azure Government Cloud and FedRAMP High options

SaaS+ means even greater flexibility

We deliver backup storage options designed around our customers. Metallic for Office 365 and Endpoints includes unlimited Azure Storage. With Metallic VM & Kubernetes Backup, Metallic Database Backup, and Metallic File & Object Backup – you’ll have the unique ability to use our storage or bring your own – in the cloud or on-prem, so you can keep a local copy for speedy recovery.

Implementation was simple enough to diy without reaching out to support. From my first conversation to the most recent, the Metallic team is excited about their product.

Ruth Pierce


My overall experience with Metallic has been AMAZING! I can’t say enough things good about them. The pricing the support and getting up and going was so easy. I call them the Apple of Backup solutions because its true.

Anna Miller

Marketing & Advertising

“It’s a unified, easy-to-use tool with various possibilities of automation. Easy to learn, easy to implement, and easy-to-use software.”

Kevin Walker


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